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Nailmatic Kids - Cosmos Bath Bomb Maker DIY Kit

Type: BATH

Cosmos Bath Bomb Maker: a DIY kit to make their own rocket and flying saucer shaped bath bombs.

Nailmatic Kids bath bombs are designed and made for kids. They colour the water (and water only) while taking extra care of children’s sensitive skin. 
- washing
- moisturizing
- softening
- soothing

What’s in you DIY kit:
- 1 packet of coloured baking soda (green)
- 1 packet of citric acid
- 1 pipette
- 1 mold of 2 shapes (rocket and spatial ship)

Enriched with sunflower oil and sweet almond oil.
To be used from age 7.
Made in France recyclable molds. The diy kit is made in EU.