Offering Pickup or Local Delivery Waterloo Region, Guelph, Ayr, Paris, & St. George.

Bruce was born and raised in Cambridge, and he has many fond memories of downtown Galt with his family and friends. He witnessed the drastic change it has gone through. Bruce's hope for a better Downtown Galt grew more after his fiancée, Angelica, came to visit for the first time. She fell right in love with the beautiful historical buildings, the riverwalk, and the little shops. They both believe Downtown Galt has so much potential. They wanted to help somehow to revive downtown Galt while providing a service to their community. They had so many ideas, but the one that really stuck to them was a shop for preloved baby and children's clothing, toys, and books.

Bruce and Angelica have four kids, and they know how fast kids grow. They don't believe in buying new every six months and creating more pollution; their kids are constantly using stuff inherited from the older sibling or passed on from their friends' kids. Their plan is to sell preloved clothes that look like new and to create new outfits by repairing or altering the pieces that have minimal stains or rips on them. As parents, they tend to spoil their children with so many toys that the kids don't really need or enjoy. The vast majority of these toys cannot be recycled, so they want to give them a second chance for other kids to enjoy. With their new toys offered, they bring focus on eco-friendly creativity without the battery-operated lights and buttons.

Whatever they don't use, they will donate to multiple charities and shelters in the community. With their business, they are helping lessen the load on landfills, reducing the water waste and chemical pollution associated with fashion production methods today. They are also giving the opportunity to many families to afford like-new toys and stylish outfits regardless of their incomes and, at the same time, improving their beautiful Downtown Galt, their CORE.

Bruce has over 16 years of experience in retail and has a passion for fashion, design, and sales, so they want their store to have a boutique atmosphere. They want their customers to feel always welcome and well taken care of by them, the owners.

ENCORE Threads & Treasures. Encore meaning Again. Again, but better. A family creating a second chance for preloved clothing, toys, and books, taking the chance to help the environment and giving a change for their community to improve, and their downtown core to grow.